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Nexcare All Purpose Mask 5 Each

Suggested Retail: $8.99
Your Cost: $7.50
You Save: $1.49 (17 %)
Item UPC Number: 051131015944
Manufacturer: 3 M Consumer Health

Nexcare™ All Purpose Mask:

Provides relief and allows freer breathing for allergy sufferers ~ 99% filter efficiency against ragweed pollen.

Helps reduce the spread of germs and bacteria ~ filters out 99% of wearer's exhaled airborne bacteria.

Helps provide relief from the irritating effects of:

  • Common Household Dust.

Effectively warms and moistens inhaled air, making breathing easier.


  • Ragweed Pollen
  • Yard Dusts

Helps reduce the spread of germs and bacteria.
Warms and moistens inhaled air.

  • Easy to breathe through
  • Lets you talk easily, doesn't muffle your voice
  • Nose band shapes to fit bridge of your nose for a comfortable fit

Nexcare is a trademark of 3M.

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